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Who we are

Matt Rossin

// Lead Guitar


Electric guitars, recording, mixing, electronics, more machine than… , the smooth, remover of jagged edges

Aaron Gilles

// Percussion


The Contraption, bongos, congas, cajon, cymbals, a shaker, a noise maker, a people mover, a fire breather

Carl Johnson

// Guitar / Vocals


Acoustic guitars, vocals, writer, arranger, boom chicker, plinker, picker, founder, confounder, dumbfounder

Molly Lepara

// Violin / Vocals


Violin, vocals, shakers, the bow, the breath, the face of The Nation, the center of attention, late for rehearsal, again

Matt Horras

// Bass Guitar


Bass guitar, melodious mover, the man in the back, the wit, the rhythmic wheels

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